Um, Yeah, The Gym…

Being as this is Tuesday (okay very early on Wednesday) no one who is familiar with my routine will be shocked that I missed the gym today. However, Sunday and Monday both ended up gymless, as well. What (gasp) could keep me from the gym 3 days in a row? Well, hmmmm, shopping for my not-so-baby boy’s birthday present covers Sunday. (Really, I only get a couple of hours of childcare a day, so I had to choose – gym or presents and presents won.)

Monday we spent hours touring our downtown area via the free trolleys. We caught a Wurlitzer organ concert, grabbed lunch at that restaurant that all kids somehow recognize at birth, and played on the playground – all with trolley rides in between. We had a blast, but I missed the workout window.

And you wanna know what? I am cool with it. See, it is about balance. And I typically don’t have balance. I am such an all or nothing kinda gal. It would be so typical of me to get “workout” stuck in my brain and not be able to see around it to schedule anything else, but not this time. I am still on track to make my 200-in-a-year goal, so I refuse to beat myself up.

In other news, I am still treading the 173 pound mark. If it continues much longer, I am going to take the scale apart and look for a hidden camera.

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