Goodbye 160s…

You heard it right! I am outta the 160s and onto the final leg of the weight loss portion of the MegaChallenge. 159.5 pounds feels so close to goal. Perhaps it is because it is only a little over 10 pounds away. Perhaps it is because I am okay with the weight I am carrying right now, so losing the last ten doesn’t seem as urgent as losing that first 30.

(I know I have 188 as my upper weight so if you are a math whiz you may be thinking, “But, Gina, you have only lost 28.5 pounds!”- but that was as of the beginning of the MC – 6/6/5 – and not the beginning of my working out. I was in the low 190s somewhere, but didn’t get a scale and get serious until I started the MegaChallenge. Further, the idea of needing to lose 39 pounds seemed infinitely more doable than 40. Heck, I may even aim for 145 – which would be around a 50 pound loss. But not until I get to 149. So there! End of parenthetical tangent…)

Whatever the reason for my current state of contentment, I am thrilled to be here. I am not thrilled, however, with the continued pain in my hip. I pushed myself yesterday and extended the run to nowhere (59/200) to 50 minutes. Not smart. My heart and lungs and brain felt great. My hip didn’t say a whole lot until I got off of the elliptical machine. Yeouch! This has been going on for weeks and I am just about tired of it. I have rested, backed off, switched routines, and it still hurts. Gah!!

Ick. Enough pity partying. It is time to move the car! And since I know that is the reason you keep dropping by, here ya go…

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I have been called a, "PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist." I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that.


  1. Wow! I am jealous, insprired, comforted that it can in fact happen! I miss the 150s so very much.



  2. Congrats !!!!!!!!!
    Come on down and move that car….
    Where is Bob Barker !!!

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