So Close…

I am finally out of the 150’s with a morning scale reading of 149.5 lbs. Yep. I am a half pound away from my goal weight! Yeehaw! It feels amazing and surreal to be this close to a goal that seemed so far away when I started the MegaChallenge back in June. Let’s see what this does to the car:

I am also less than 24 hours away from seeing the judge to finalize my divorce. Yikes! I am sort of in shock – numb and disbelief are the feelings of the day – but at the same time I realize that what we are doing makes sense. Of course, no one walks down the aisle in 40 yards of organza with the hopes that they will end up divorced some 10 years, 4 months, and 6 days later (but who’s counting?). I said those vows believing that we’d be a couple until death. Luckily neither of us resorted to murder to keep that vow. Though, I am sure we were both tempted a time or two.

Hint: You know your marriage is over when your spouse is 4 hours late getting home and you start thinking of ways to spend the insurance money rather that calling hospitals. It is never a good sign when you are disappointed that they showed up alive. I never wished my wasband dead. And I actually still care a lot about him. So, don’t worry that I have come completely unhinged. I’m just sayin’.

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I have been called a, "PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist." I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that.


  1. LOL! Being the never want to be married, I found your hint of doomed marriage hilarious! And whoo-hoo for nearly being at goal!

  2. A little funny story for you about how not to treat the ex. My first wife and I got divorced after 11 months. That was 14 years ago. She was sleeping with her boss. After a really quick dissolution, I was left with paying her $1500 or so per month in alimony/repay debts in her name bills. Not sure why I agreed to all this, but I did. After the second month, the check to her got lost en route. She told her attorney, he told the police, I got arrested that day for non-payment of support. I had to have a friend post cash bail, that night, in New Haven, CT. I called her the next day, she said the attorney was hasty, I told her to @#@$@!# herself, and I moved to NY that day. Ct and NY do not apprehend each others out of state “deadbeat” husbands unless a child is involved. No kids, no reason to pay her, let her boss take care of her, and I have not sent a check since. Her new husband was indicted in the 1995 CUC International scandal for embezzling. Gotta love the irony.

    Congrats tonight I guess, have a cocktail, strut your stuff, find a younger man for a quickie. Will boost your ego…

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