Studying Statistics: It Looks Like Crocheting

Teal PlacematYou know how when you’re studying statistics and watching¬†delightful and informative videos on Visually Determining Kurtosis via SPSS Rendered Histograms?

If not, imagine driving… alone… across the prairies… at night… without a radio…

Same thoughts go through your head when learning statistics.

My apologies to statisticians, but as well as I do in these courses I can’t want to have your job.

Anyway, while entertaining the left side of my brain with said videos, I used the entirely-ignored right side of my brain sussed out the pattern for this placemat from a Japanese chart on a Spanish blog. I’d send you the links, but that part of my brain is busy right now.

I may have a set of 8 before we get through skew.

Wish me luck.


The gorgeous bowl was made just for me by Michael Robison. We went to high school together, but I’d bet he’d make you a pot, too, if you wanted one.

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