Can’t Fix It…

Yeah, I know there is a typo in my previous entry. I saw it as soon as I clicked, “post.” Unfortunately, I haven’t made the decision to convert to the new Google Blogger irrevocable version so editing the post has proven to be a formatting nightmare. Just suffice it to say that I have lost plenty of time trying to make it better. I am off to slay another dragonfly.

My friend (as in bridesmaid–though I doubt she puts that on her resume–and godparent to my child), Tracey, has landed herself a year-long teaching gig in Japan. Swing by and say, “Hello” or “Konichiwa” if you are one of those intrepid speakers of foreign languages. I’m not. But I like to pretend I am and pepper foreign words into my every day speech. Between that and my penchant for saying “grad school” every 7 minutes, I am a pretentious cuss to be around. Yeah, can’t fix that, either.

What can I fix? A mean grilled mozzarella cheese sandwich on whole wheat with–oh my universe–Penzey’s Sandwich Sprinkle on it. I don’t make a dime off of the stuff, so it is with pure heart that I say, “How did I ever live without this???”

(Warning: do not try to substitute said sandwich for phase 1 of your gastro-bypass diet. Dreaming of said sandwich is perfectly acceptable, though.)

Blogger Google confusion…

Okay, so I head over to the Blogger homepage to sign in and update my screaming fan and it does this weird Google sign in thing and asks me to switch and tells me I can’t go back and something about a beta (isn’t that a fish??) and I am so completely confused!

Deep Breath…

What I signed on to report is that I have no appetite.

Yes, I am complaining!

It isn’t like I am only a little hungry and eating a little food. I am absolutely food averse this week. Yes, I put lots of my favorite foods in the fridge–lots of green leafies and cheeses and salty snacks and even (gasp) a carton of snow cream–and nothing looks, smells, tastes appealing to me. I am pretty much living on slim f@st and cashews. (I don’t drink it for the “diet” but because it is cheaper than Ensure and keeps me alive when I get like this.)

The food aversion is related to my (withheld from public consumption) diagnosis which is kicking my butt right now. The problem is that when I relapse I am weak and don’t feel like eating. When I don’t eat, I get weaker and am less likely to want to go fix something to eat. I end up in an ugly spiral leading to lower and lower energy and altogether unacceptable quality of life.

It seems utterly ridiculous to be posting my frustration with *not* being hungry on a semi-fitness related blog. But good nutrition is the cornerstone of my health plan. When I eat like shit I feel like shit–and that goes for too few calories just as much as it does for too many.

So, my goal for tomorrow is to eat at least 1000 calories and to get outside in the sunshine for a walk. I need my strength back so that I can sort out this incredibly important and irreversible Blogger Google sign in beta switch thing.

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