I Might Actually Make It…

To the gym, that is. I used all of my childcare favors while I was helping my sister out, and subsequently have not been able to carve out the hour to go workout. I could use the childcare at the gym except that my kids aren’t potty trained (please don’t send me links to sites/books on teaching kids with autism how to potty – I have read them all) and I end up getting interrupted like 4 times in order to change them. By the time we go through all of that, the childcare closes and I am no closer to getting a good sweat in. I decided that the increase in blood pressure out of sheer frustration was worse for me than missing the gym when I can’t get coverage at home.

Having said all of that, I think I might actually get to go workout, today. I really miss my hour runs to nowhere. Truly! Which is sick, I know. But I feel better after I work out – and I sleep better, too. So, say prayers to the gym gods that I can still find all of my gear and get to the gym before I completely forget where it is located.

Oh, and that weight (170) in the stats area is correct! I can almost taste the 160’s. I am incredibly close to a green BMI, too! At that point I can officially claim to be “normal” – and how often do I get to assert that??

Peaks, Valley, And, Oh Yeah, Plateaus…

I am working out for an hour 6 days a week, eating an average of 1100 calories per day, and have spent the past two weeks doing a dance around 173 pounds. I don’t know if it is officially a plateau or just some joke being played by the scale gods, but it has me down. I refuse to let a little plateau put me off track, though.

I had to do a bunch of mental games to get my butt to the gym for my workout (36/200) yesterday. I felt awful the whole time – and ended up cutting my cardio from an hour to 45 minutes simply because I didn’t feel like doing any more. That is completely unlike me. I typically feel great all the way through the end. I just didn’t have any legs left.

So, I am thinking about several approaches. I could bump up my calories to 1200 in case my body thinks we are starving. I could be overtraining (thus my lack of enthusiasm and wobbly legs) and might need to cut back on the cardio a bit. I might need to alter my gym routine so that I am getting a better variety, though I am not bored. I might need to just stick with what I am doing and ride out the rough patch.

Since this is about my health – physical and emotional – I am going to try to honor my mood and my body. It may be the added focus of looking at what I eat has turned this from a positive challenge to workout 200 times into a stressful forced over-haul when I am not ready to look so closely at everything I eat and why. I haven’t come to any conclusions, yet. Just laying it all out.

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