To Go Boxes…

I did something I have never done before. I requested the nutrition information from the waitress at the restaurant this evening. She sort of cocked her head to one side, golden retriever style, but she went and found it. They had a binder with a page for each menu item, and I flipped through it to see what would be decent choices. I didn’t choose the healthiest thing in there, but I didn’t end up with a 2,000 calorie meal, either. (Their honey mustard dressing alone has over 300 calories per serving! OUCH!)

I did something else that was somewhat new. I ate less than half the food on my plate and asked for a to go box for the rest and gave it to my mom. She’s happy to have lunch for tomorrow. I am happy to have eaten a yummy meal and estatic that I avoided ruining it by stopping when I had eaten what I needed. Now, before you get the wrong idea, I have taken to go boxes before – but only when I have eaten way more “extras” like a basket of bread, appetizers, and likely a dessert, too. This time I stuck to eating my dinner without all the other, and still had lots of leftovers. I was pleasantly full, and actually recognized the feeling and – gasp – honored it.

Of course, all of this novel behavior is motivated by my continued fitness success. Having 46/200 workouts completed feels really good. Seeing 167 lbs on the scale feels really good. Wearing size 12 jeans feels really good. I like what I see in the mirror. I like how I feel. I like how well I am sleeping.

I love that I have gotten to the point in the game when my efforts are starting to show. Sure, I still have 18 pounds to lose, and 154 workouts to complete to reach my goals, but I have no intention of waiting until I get there to enjoy living.

Back On Track…

Mentally, that is. I am doing much better today with the whole eating out after class thing. I found a version of our favorite restaurant’s menu with the cal/fat/carb/points info included and printed it out. I was right that the chips and salsa have nearly 1000 calories, but since I shared them, it was really *only* half that. Just goes to show that when I get into a stew I completely disregard reality.

Now, I am aware and prepared. I will tuck my little menu into my school bag, and next week I will make an informed choice. If I end up ordering that double fudge chocolate binge cake, I will be fully aware of the potential impact on my goals.

My trip to the gym went pretty well. I did my 28th run to nowhere, and a trip around the leg machines. I have decided that I hate the ab machine at my gym so when I got home I pulled out the Ab Roller and did 5 minutes with Brenda. Ouch! It has been way too long since those muscles were used.

Soap Box of the Day: The ADAPT action for TennCare is still underway in the Tennessee Governor’s office. As of today, they have been there for a full month. For the record no one in my family receives TennCare, but plenty of my friends do. And, as I have mentioned before, the Gov’s plans for TennCare could set some really ugly precidents for all of us who rely on insurance programs to subsidize our healthcare needs. Beyond that, we have asserted as a nation that taking care of one another is important. It is gross negligence to turn off medical services to folks, and there has to be a better way to balance the budget.

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