15 minutes of effort…

I am back at my seemingly perpetual task of de-cluttering my world. We are super-blessed around here with generous gift givers and the holidays left us with about thirty million new things to store. Of course, those items all came wrapped in something and were under a tall green something covered in all sorts of sparkly somethings. Now that it is officially “after the holidays” all of those somethings were making me bat wacky and had to get out of here.

But I just couldn’t do it.

I am tired. Yes, I will admit it. There are days when I just don’t wanna be the grown up! But no one else is volunteering, so up and at ’em!

I don’t know where I originally got the idea to do 15 minutes of clutter attack. Perhaps at flylady.net (she can have credit if she likes) or in some book or out of sheer genius. Anyway, it isn’t my favorite way to spend a day, but sometimes it is the only way to get moving. How does it work?


When we do it, we pick 3 tasks that seem overwhelming (today: taking down decorations, putting away new stuff, and cleaning the kitchen won) and rotate those with a fourth something that we actually enjoy (a day-long game of Monopoly* won). We set the timer for 15 minutes and jump on task one. When the timer screams, we switch to the next task for the next 15 minutes. This continues ’round and ’round until we finish. Sometimes it takes an hour, others it takes 4.

Anyway, we did manage to get all three tasks done. My daughter kicked our butts at Monopoly. (Seems at a couple of weeks shy of 6 that she relies on the strategy of “buy it all and watch them die a slow death paying me rent.”) I feel much better because I don’t have visions of Christmas in April dancing in my head.

*My son got the new Monopoly Here & Now game as one of his gifts. We are fairly Monopoly obsessed around here and have several versions (including electronic ones) but this one is the strangest one evah! Things we like: cool tokens (cell phone, hybrid car, airplane, etc) and properties from all over the country. Things we hate: the money and the money!! It is 10,000 times as complicated to use because the whole shebang has been inflated by–you guessed it–a factor of 10,000. Worse than that? Three denominations are some variant of yellow–including the $100,000 and $1,000,000 bills–and are very easily mixed up. We did have a very interesting lesson on place value, though. My recommendation? Stick with your classic version and order “replacement” tokens from H@sbro. (If you feel that is somehow unethical, then go buy the game and get all giddy when you discover your own tiny St@rbuck’s mug token!)

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