Two Weeks and Two Days Later…

I am still weighing in around 149. Some days a little more, some days a little less. The lowest evah was 148 last week. And don’t ask about workouts. They aren’t happening. But that is so not the focus of my thoughts right now.

My focus is on getting my house in order – literally and figuratively. I am reading tons of books, planning the holidays for my kids (I am not into it at all, but I know better than to skip the festivities.), and throwing out piles of stuff.

It is amazing what you (I) will hang onto way past its usefulness. Like who needs 75 buttons from the 80’s? If you were around when Robin Williams was better known as Mork, you will remember the suspenders he wore – complete with sun and moon buttons. Well, that was early in my formative years, and I took that fad and carried it all the way into my adulthood by way of a massive collection of buttons that refused to die. Yeah, they ended up in some box along with several Swatch watches, ticket stubs from concerts and movies (remember the Police? How ’bout the Goonies??), and gawd knows what else. I finally made a clean break with middle and high school and dumped the whole shebang into the garbage.

Yeah, here’s where I could make the leap and say the same thing about my marriage. But that would be way too obvious. So, how about I wait right here while you think through that thought and then we can move on.

You back? Great!

So where were we? Oh yeah, cleaning house. See the trouble with cleaning house is that you spend way too much time looking at the stuff you are throwing away and get really close to forgetting the point of the cleaning part. Now you want to know the point? Okay, get ready for it…

The point of cleaning house is to make room to live in it.

If your life is cluttered with all the memorabilia from what you have already done, how will you ever make space to experience anything new? You won’t. Of course, you risk throwing away the one thing that you will desperately need in a week and won’t be able to replace for anything less than $600 on eBay. That’s why we hang on to all of that stuff. It seems too risky to let it go.

But at some point it has to go. Either that, or you will find yourself sitting amongst your piles of already-dones and wondering why you aren’t happy. Don’t get me wrong. I am keeping my grandmother’s dishes and all of my CDs and lots of other things that I love. It isn’t that things from the past are bad – but they need to grow with you. I mean, how ridiculous would I look walking around wearing rainbow suspenders covered with buttons that say things like, “I Heart Garfield”? Yeah. Not pretty.

So, out with the tasteless, dated, rusting garbage. I am making room to live again.

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