Not Dead, Yet…

Any of you who have spent very long in blogland know that folks tend to blog in cycles. That is, unless they are much more disciplined that I am. But, folks like me tend to do lots of things in cycles – and when they are interesting, and nothing else is pressing, and well – anyway.

So, I did manage to make it to the gym. Twice! Of course, two gym trips in 4 months hardly feels like much to report. It may make a little difference to know that they happened in the same week. No? Does it help to know that I walked my ass off in Washington, DC and am still sore from sleeping on an air mattress for a week? No??

Damn, y’all are a tough crowd.

Of course, it is probably stretching to say, “y’all” – which implies that more than one person is reading this blog. Humor me.

Okay, so the official count of workouts is 77/200. I have moved more than that. Really.

I have moved mountains. I have moved my ex-husband out of my house. I have moved through another semester of school. (18 weeks left in my bachelor’s program. Master’s program starts in the fall. I am such a schooley.) However, I have not managed to conquer that 200 workout thing – but I still have time. Like 4 months. Yikes! 123 workouts in 4 months? Can you say, “Psycho Gym Attendance”?? Even *I* can’t imagine going to the gym every single day.

So, I will go to concerts instead. Yeah. Keith Urban and Train are both on my calendar. Keith because one of my girlfriends is all about him. Train because Brandon went to camp with me when we were kids. (See how I said that?? Like he should be name-dropping my name instead of the other way around??) I have been meaning to send a fanboy email to him for months, but just never got around to it until today. After dropping $185 on concert tickets, I felt the need to reconnect. We’ll see if he remembers where he came from.

Ahem. I think I just choked on my presumptuousness.

So, perhaps I will stick with being a disability groupie (You rock, Bob Kafka!!) I am way too (old/shy/afraid) to chase down rock stars.

Oh, and thanks for not giving up on the MegaChallenge, Jen.

On The Road Again…

I am off on another business trip, but I need to move the car before I go.

Yeppers. After a year (slight exaggeration) at 159 lbs, I have dropped another pound to 156. I am wearing size 10 jeans, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s hoping it isn’t a train.

No, I have not managed to get to the gym. I thought I might try to fit in a swim, but getting ready to leave town with a sore back has proven difficult. Ah well… There is always next week.

And Robert, you are right, 157 lbs at 5′ 9″ is pretty svelte. 156 is even a little better – thus my goal of 149 lbs. For my height, it is a pretty decent weight. And I am so, so, so close to getting there!

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