One More Funky Statistic…

I have already confessed that I am a numbers girl. Love them. So, it should not come as a shock that noticing patterns is something that I sort of do naturally. With that said, I think I have spotted a trend. I lose about a half a pound every time I work out. I have worked out 48/200 times since June 6. In that same time period, I have lost 23.5 pounds. I noticed this phenomenon a couple of weeks ago. It may not be scientific, but damn if it isn’t motivating! I gotta get to the gym!

Oh, and for those keeping track, the car has moved, again.

Now, don’t anyone tell my son that my going to the gym moves the car. He’d be all over it.

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I have been called a, "PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist." I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that.


  1. So there is a correlation between exercise and weight loss. Next thing ya know, you’ll be finding out about the electricity thing we are all talking about…

  2. If that is true than your diet is really maintainance. You might consider knocking a couple hundred calories per day off.

    I aim for losing weight from the diet and doing enough exercise to maintain my lean body mass.

  3. Um, Guys, I didn’t mean that I literally attribute losing each half pound to going to the gym or that I didn’t know that working out leads to weight loss. 😉 I just think it is interesting that my weight loss and gym attendance are neck and neck, and that the 1/2 pound per trip stat was a pattern that I noticed.

    If I were *really* losing 1/2 pound each time I went to the gym, we are talking a 1750 calorie workout. I don’t manage that kind of effort on my runs to nowhere.

    I cannot safely cut any more calories. For the past month I have averaged less than a 1000 per day. Actually, if anything I should probably eat more than I am as I don’t care to create gall stones. Thanks, though.

    I am happy with my 2 pound losses each week. At this rate, I will be at goal before Halloween. That works for me!

  4. Gina, Robert is an idiot most of the time. Enjoy your routine, it obviously works for you and that is what counts. Be well..

  5. You guys don’t think that working out raises your metabolism? That has been my experience.

    2# a week is as much as you want to lose, given your size, so I wouldn’t change anything. You don’t want to end up looking like “Al Roker” at the end of this diet because you go too extreme.

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