Hip to be Square…

I am still babying this hip. Yesterday I tried to get some shopping done, and had plans for a late afternoon workout. Unfortunately, the pain in the hip overruled my desire to check off workout number 60. I thought about going to the pool, but just didn’t get it in gear. I refuse to let this get me down.

About a year ago I was training for a half marathon (with hopes of turning it into a full 26.2 at some point) when I developed a heinous case of tendonitis in my ankle. If I stood up the thing swelled to twice its typical size. I ended up doing loads of physical therapy, taking loads of meds, and severely curtailing the training. There were obvious physical implications, but the most damaging effect of the injury was the emotional toll. I had this plan, you see, and it got botched up and I didn’t know how to replace it. I mean, there really isn’t much out there to replace running a marathon.

The hip thing is lots like the ankle thing in that it threatens my ability to reach my goal unless I can come up with an alternate plan. I cannot spend hours on the elliptical trainer if I am not going to be able to walk afterward. I still intend to complete the MegaChallenge. So, I have to come up with an idea of how I can pull it off. Again, I refuse to let this get me down. Much.

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  1. What about walking a marathon? Or even a half? I did the half marathon walk last year and it was by far the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done. People think walking 13 miles is easy. But after 3 hours on my feet, I thought I’d die. It’s definitely not something you can do without training for it.

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