Better Than a Workout…

I am not going to the gym today. I did workout 63/200 yesterday. It hurt. It still hurts. I am disgusted but determined to stay positive.

So, I did one better – I got my hair done! It is fall, and I am ready for new. New routines. New clothes. New hair. Maybe it is the years of going to school with all new things that set this pattern up for me, but I can’t help it. When September rolls around I get the urge to revamp my planet. So, since I am waiting until the last 10 pounds are gone to buy my new school clothes, I went for new hair.

I feel fabulous! I look fabulous! Well, so says my hairdresser. And that’s a key to a good hairdresser: they never let you leave without first making sure that you believe you are the most gorgeous thing to ever sit in that chair.

So, yeah, I am worried about the folks in Texas as Rita barrels across the Gulf. I am still all emotionally involved in the aftermath of Katrina. I am watching the continuing sit-in in Nashville over TennCare with amazement and disbelief that our government can kill people with a straight face. But you know what? Life is pretty good here. I have so much to be thankful for; fabulous new fall hair for starters.

Blogger Test for Allan…

Allan is the most regular blogger I have ever encountered. So when I opened up his site this morning and found yesterday’s post staring at me, I ran to the window to check the sun. Yes, it came up, but I am certain things are out of order.

Allan has a theory that there is something amiss in Bloggerland that is preventing updates, so I am attempting to post this in an effort to either prove or dispel that theory. Here goes…

Update: Allan has moved his blog to: I have changed the link on my sidebar as well as in in this post. Whew! Life goes on!

Hip to be Square…

I am still babying this hip. Yesterday I tried to get some shopping done, and had plans for a late afternoon workout. Unfortunately, the pain in the hip overruled my desire to check off workout number 60. I thought about going to the pool, but just didn’t get it in gear. I refuse to let this get me down.

About a year ago I was training for a half marathon (with hopes of turning it into a full 26.2 at some point) when I developed a heinous case of tendonitis in my ankle. If I stood up the thing swelled to twice its typical size. I ended up doing loads of physical therapy, taking loads of meds, and severely curtailing the training. There were obvious physical implications, but the most damaging effect of the injury was the emotional toll. I had this plan, you see, and it got botched up and I didn’t know how to replace it. I mean, there really isn’t much out there to replace running a marathon.

The hip thing is lots like the ankle thing in that it threatens my ability to reach my goal unless I can come up with an alternate plan. I cannot spend hours on the elliptical trainer if I am not going to be able to walk afterward. I still intend to complete the MegaChallenge. So, I have to come up with an idea of how I can pull it off. Again, I refuse to let this get me down. Much.

Today’s Car Progress…

I am still sitting in front of the TV, but I ran over here to update y’all on the fitness thang. I did go the gym yesterday (They have cable on the TVs in front of the elliptical trainers, so I was able to keep my eye on the news networks.) and completed workout 54/200.

I’ll be seeing my friends who got me into this whole MegaChallenge deal next weekend. It is the first time they will see me since the beginning of the summer. I am pretty excited that I am going back short some 25.5 pounds. (Here’s the car, son!)

When I started this it really was about the workouts – and I knew that workouts would cause me to lose some weight. But getting the eating in line made a bigger difference than I anticipated. (Here’s where you say, “Eureka! She gets it!”) I was counting on losing about a pound a week, so doing double that really makes the overall effect seem radical. I was squeezing into baggy size 16s in June, and I am struggling to keep my body-hugging 12s on, now.

Part of my motivation for keeping track of my eating was Renee’s Beaker Babe Challenge. It pulled me off of my 173.5 plateau and I lost 11 pounds over the course of that 6-week period.
Anyone up for another challenge now that the Beaker Babe challenge is officially over?? Huh, huh, please??

It seems inconceivable that in 3 months I could be so close to my goal weight. The nice part of where I am is that I feel fine at the weight I am, now. I am happy with the way clothes fit. I have tons more energy. I can only imagine how I will feel in another 13.5 pounds.

Quarter Of The Way…

With yesterday’s workout (50/200), I reached the 25% mark in the MegaChallenge. I got past the quarter mark today with workout 51/200, though I was totally unmotivated to hit the gym. I piddled around all afternoon and finally laced up the shoes just in time to make a 45 minute run to nowhere before the place shut down.

I am sure there is more to tell, but I am busy watching hurricane updates and working Sudoku. My brother-in-law is one of those brave/crazy folks who flies into these storms on purpose. I sort of sit vigil when I know he is out there – and this particular storm is so scary. I just keep praying for it to lose strength over night.

That “Life” Thang, Again…

I am really excited about completing 25% of the MegaChallenge – which I was scheduled to do, yesterday. I was dressed for the gym and changing the batteries in my Rio, when my son winged a toy at my daughter. He managed to hit her in the face, and drew blood. Of course she needed stitiches. Poor baby. So my gym trip was replaced with a heart-rate increasing hospital trip.

For the record, this child is the bravest kid I have ever met. At four years old she accepted all the stuff they had to do to her – including a major shot into her eyebrow – without flinching. She took it so much better than I did! Her only request was that we go get “sparkeldy” nail polish when we left the hospital. Done! (And a princess nighty, flavored lip gloss, and popcicles.)

As I mentioned, this lovely gash is on her face. So, if everyone would send no-scar-healing vibes her way, I would appreciate it.

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