Positive Words

A Comprehensive List of Positive Words

I am perpetually on the look out for positive, upbeat, happy, delightful words. I recently came across an entire list of them online and couldn’t wait to print them out to keep handy for my writing, thinking, visioning, and coaching activities.

Then I had a thought about how cool it would be to have them organized alphabetically as a Wordle. So, I made one.

Well, I love it tons and use it constantly and thought you might enjoy seeing it, too. You can make your own at Jonathan’s site by doing a copy-paste of the list and tweaking it to your delight.

I have not been on any of the other pages on the site where I found the Comprehensive List of Positive Words — so if you come across other helpful stuff there, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be blissfully appreciating this magnificent collection.


Stuck Under a Pile of Laundry…

Send help!

I know everyone has to deal with laundry. Well, I suppose there are folks who toss aside their just-doffed clothing with the expectation that the Laundry Fairy (be it mom, wife, butler, or actual magical nymph) will remove it, clean it, dry it, fold it, and return it to the drawer where it belongs. Ignoring those folks (two of whom live in this house) the rest of us have this issue on an on going basis.

Gina, are you seriously going to do a blog post on laundry?

Why not??

Well, you have only posted like 4 times in the past 4 months. Couldn’t you update us on something a little more–well, exciting??

All right! Okay! Enough about the 8 loads (count ’em!) I did today. We’ll talk about something else. I was on a roll, though. Laundry happens to be a big deal around here.

Oh! The magazine with my rant about that Combating Autism Act came out. Of course, they deleted all of my exclamation points and question marks and sighs and acks and it reads like a research paper–but it is in print. (Why do editors do that??? They get all excited about a piece and beg you to let them publish it and then strip it of everything that made it yours to begin with…) You can see it here. Scroll down to pages 12-13.

We are also on the cover–along with several pics I took during our last lobbying trip to DC. They put more of my shots inside around a piece written by another family that went on the same trip. It seems I am a photo-journalist, too! Whoda thunk?

And as long as I am “outing” myself by giving you a link to the magazine–which contains pics of me and my child along with my real name–I might as well add a picture to my profile and include a link to my other* website. Sure, some might see it as shameless self-promotion. They obviously don’t know me very well.

So, there you have it. I have morphed into a laundry-doing, homeschooling, photo-journalist, author, webmistress, blogging, life coach.

Heavy on the laundry.

*Y’all have had a link to untangleautism.org on the sidebar for over a year. If you google “autism” and “iep” my little site will come up first–and I have done nothing to promote it evah… kah-cha!! Just goes to show what having a site sit there for 6 years can do. LOL

Rockin’ my world 2.0…

Okay. I lied.

This is the coolest site ever.

Click on “Custom Radio” and put in your favorite artist or song and it will create a radio station just for you.

You can customize it.

You can create stations for your every mood.

You can ban crappy songs from ever playing in your kingdom.

You can plug your laptop into your surround sound system and wonder how you got so lucky as to live in this incredible time.

Life is about to change for you.


I’ll wait here. It’s okay. They’re playin’ my song…

Blogger Test for Allan…

Allan is the most regular blogger I have ever encountered. So when I opened up his site this morning and found yesterday’s post staring at me, I ran to the window to check the sun. Yes, it came up, but I am certain things are out of order.

Allan has a theory that there is something amiss in Bloggerland that is preventing updates, so I am attempting to post this in an effort to either prove or dispel that theory. Here goes…

Update: Allan has moved his blog to: http://almostgastricbypass.blogspot.com/ I have changed the link on my sidebar as well as in in this post. Whew! Life goes on!


Well, there finally seems to be some progress toward helping those folks who have been affected by Katrina. I really want to help. I know money is important, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to fill the chasm of need. Our local Red Cross is setting up several shelters in town and a local church is hosting a volunteer training tonight. I am planning to attend the training so that I can get connected to the network and be of some use.

Volunteering with the Red Cross is a good use of my skills. If you live in the US and are not one of the folks who can go help at the site of the disaster, there is probably some local activity you can join, too. If you own a business, perhaps you can employ a couple of evacuees. If you can teach, perhaps you help set up a literacy initiative or job training. It looks like we are in for a long haul. The least we can do is to pitch in and make life as comfortable as possible for the folks whose lives will never be the same.

There is progress in the fitness area, too. I completed workout 55/200 yesterday. I also met 162 lbs on the scale this morning. So, I have lost 2/3rds of the weight I set out to lose! That sends me to 23.9 on the BMI chart, which is solidly in the “healthy” range!! I also broke the 30% fat plateau – and am finally down to 29% body fat.

And, yes, it is time to move the car.

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