The Office

Office View

The upshot of arranging my life so that my work is portable is that I can spontaneously move the whole shebang outside for the day. This is the view as I work on some pretty wonderful contracted tasks this afternoon.


Rockin’ my world 2.0…

Okay. I lied.

This is the coolest site ever.

Click on “Custom Radio” and put in your favorite artist or song and it will create a radio station just for you.

You can customize it.

You can create stations for your every mood.

You can ban crappy songs from ever playing in your kingdom.

You can plug your laptop into your surround sound system and wonder how you got so lucky as to live in this incredible time.

Life is about to change for you.


I’ll wait here. It’s okay. They’re playin’ my song…

Rockin’ my world…

or at least my laptop is this very, very cool interactive and free (for the lo-fi version) online streaming music player.

Go! Right now! Check it out.

Then come back and tell me how amazing it is.

You’re gonna thank me.

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