Self Care Day on The 6th

CandleIt doesn’t happen often, but I got upset this morning. Not in an angry way. Just in a, “Really? Are you serious? This is the best we can do?” way.

I saw a friend post “is 2 weeks and craving pickles” on facebook and, naturally, thought she might be pregnant. Except for the part where I am a pro at being pregnant and know that at the medical definition of 2 weeks pregnant you are actually just ovulating and there’s no actual baby and, therefore, no positive pregnancy test or, for heaven sakes, cravings.

So, hmmmmm…

Fast forward 15 minutes and it all becomes clear. It’s the latest “Breast Cancer Awareness Game” only it isn’t a game. It’s cruel. Added to the one about how long your feet are or the other one where you indicate where you stash your purse that are downright crude, some folks have had enough. (Like CG Ward. Warning: I love CG’s post, but she has auto-play music on her blog.)

Anywho, in keeping with my “don’t complain; improve” ethos, I got all inspired to start something positive.

I quipped on Page‘s facebook posting of CG’s blog link about starting a date-related meme for self checks. And then I thought about it. Well, why not? So, here it comes!


I am — as the winner of the Internet (see: Bacon Klout) — declaring the 6th of every month Self Care Day.

What does that mean? It means that we’ll remind one another to take good care of ourselves on this day. You know, perform your self-check (moles, breasts, etc), make your dentist appointment you’ve been putting off, get a massage, take a nap, start a class, clean the slate, laugh, polish your nails, or whatever it is you do that nurtures you.

It’s officially official, so there are no excuses big enough to put you and your health on the back burner any more.

Well, now that it’s out, I’m going to have to get the graphics department all spooled up and the PR machine working overtime. We need a logo! We need a slogan!

Wait. What I really need is a refill of my coffee.

Seriously, though, please take really good care of you.

I’ll be reminding you on the 6th of forever.


Self Care Day



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I have been called a, "PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist." I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that.


  1. Thanks Gina for standing up on this. I never enjoy the stereo types/categories those games put me in. I am a woman of faith with a child. (Period.) The designation of if I do or do not have a husband, boyfriend, significant other or desire for such things is just bothersome. It’s like someone sticking their tongue out at you because you are different. I support ‘Self Care’. I can even say that without talking about my shoes, my purse, my socio-economic status, my relationship status, or even the # of children I want, have, or am pursuing to have. Amazing! I support taking care of ME and I support you taking care of YOU. If people need help to know how to take care of themselves, I may even be able to help them find a way to obtain that too. Simple AND amazing.

  2. I want to do this! Gosh, I hope my wife reminds me…


  1. […] the 6th of each month. Why the 6th? Because the idea came to be when we were talking about the facebook games about breast cancer, and I do my monthly self exams on the 6th (it’s Berns’ […]

  2. […] — the 6th of each month. Why the 6th? Because the idea came to be when we were talking about the facebook games about breast cancer, and I do my monthly self exams on the 6th (it’s Berns’ […]

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