I believe in my webmaster!



This one’s for you, Robert!

Robert Owen is my webmaster, hosts my website on his servers, and walks me through all sorts of conversations that start out with my asking, “Would it be a pain in the butt to reconfigure time space and add a coffee dispenser to my contact page??” and ending with his sending me an email that says something like, “It should be there now. Take a look.”

So, Robert is moving all of the bells and whistles to a new server. (Wasn’t Jeeves doing his job?)  He tells me that this will do amazing things. I can’t imagine what those things are, but I do believe anything is possible when Robert is playing with the ones and zeroes.

Go! Robert, go!

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I have been called a, "PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist." I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that.


  1. Apparently this part of the site works. The new server is more in the range of needing to keep everything reliable. There are bells and Whistles, server wise. 16 cores, lots of RAM, Lots and Lots of Harddrive space and rom to add more. So this one should last for a long time.

    The old server has run non-stop for nearly 9 years and it is starting to get a little tired. Thus the reason for the new beast that I have named “HoneyBadgerWeb”.

    • That all sounds very important. Which means, it must be very important. Nine years? How long is that in server years? Like 341 or something? You might want to leave it running as a Guinness Book “longest running server” quest.

      HoneyBadger runs backwards! HoneyBadger don’t care. HoneyBadger just takes what it wants.

      Did I mention that my great-grandfather was Bonner Luke Badger? You think I might have inherited a thing or two from him?

      So, when does HoneyBadgerWeb bring home the bacon?

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