Gillian’s Orchid

Gilly's Orchid

My ten-year-old daughter earned the nickname “Diva Princess” when she was less than a year old. We often say that either one of them alone was not enough of a title to capture this kiddo’s amazing personality.

Well, the Diva Princess has had her eye on an orchid for months and months. We kind of waited to see if this interest would last. I mean, seriously, what 10 year old wants a plant?

Gillian, The Diva Princess wants a plant.

So, in honor of Self Care Day, I splurged and let her pick one out.

She took about 30 minutes to make her choice and eventually landed on this glorious white phalaenopsis. She’s got great taste, no?

(No one tell her that I’m going to enjoy it just as much as she does.)

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