Happy Snap: Floating Pretty Ceiling Stuff

Taco Mamacita Decor -- Happy Snap by Gina Lynette

Just as she was about to attempt to catch a falling star — and perhaps swing from a chandelier while she was at it — Edna remembered herself.


Taking a deep breath and regaining her composure, she yelled, “Waaaahoooooooo!” at the precise moment of take off.


Edna is a trained professional. Please do not try this when you visit Taco Mamacita — regardless of how much you love their sky decorations. Have some risky sweet potato fries and a dangerous mango taco instead.

Okay, fine. Yell, “Waaahooooooooo!” but please don’t hurt yourself.

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About Gina Lynette

I have been called a, "PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist." I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that.

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