Great Grandma Emma May

Great Grandma Emma May's Granny Square Afghan

Edna takes after quite a quirky collection of creative ladies. She’s pretty sure some of her perseverance comes from her Great-Grandma Emma May, who made this little blanket by feel after she could no longer see the stitches.


I’ve had this little 6 by 8 granny square afghan since I was a tiny child. It’s made it through moves and purges and floods and hurricanes and, understandably, none of the folks who have pilfered things from me over the years thought to take it. It’s a favorite — not because of it’s beauty, but because of who made it. It is, quite literally, the only relic I have from my father’s father’s mother and she made it for me.

I’ve stared at this little blanket for over 3 decades and wondered why my “Gramma May” used red thread to put it all together. I’ve also been curious about the placement of the colors. It appears truly random. It’s quirky, no doubt. My knowing that she was going blind as she made these little blankets (she made them for several of us great-grandbabies) helps explain some of her choices.

At any rate, I love this little blanket. I love the hands that knotted the yarn. I kind of like imagining that some of her affinity for crochet was passed to me and, along with it, her tenacity and ability to survive in a pretty harsh reality and still manage to make beautiful things.

Edna on Moral Support

Pansy Cane


Edna is always quick to point out that her cane does not indicate anything about her age or her vigor.

Then she highlights, in divine detail, its 101 amazing uses — her favorites being:

  • nabbing small children from precarious positions
  • catching the elevator at the last possible moment
  • crocheting rope into the perfect hammock when faced with a sunny afternoon without a proper chaise lounge, fainting couch, or magic carpet at hand.

By the time she arrives at the end of her list, you’ve begun to wonder how, exactly, you have survived even a single hour without one of these essential thingamajigs.

Edna on Contact Sports

Rug Beating


While she absolutely understood the urge to knock the crud out of something, Edna never figured out how hitting somebody did them much of any good.


Now beating a rug with a broom?


The old girl figured that was about all the whoopin’ anyone ever needed.

Happy Snap: Floating Pretty Ceiling Stuff

Taco Mamacita Decor -- Happy Snap by Gina Lynette

Just as she was about to attempt to catch a falling star — and perhaps swing from a chandelier while she was at it — Edna remembered herself.


Taking a deep breath and regaining her composure, she yelled, “Waaaahoooooooo!” at the precise moment of take off.


Edna is a trained professional. Please do not try this when you visit Taco Mamacita — regardless of how much you love their sky decorations. Have some risky sweet potato fries and a dangerous mango taco instead.

Okay, fine. Yell, “Waaahooooooooo!” but please don’t hurt yourself.

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