What I’ve Been Doing When I’m Not Doing What I’m Usually Doing

Ned Andrew Solomon online

I try to be super-predictable in updating my site. It’s probably out of some childhood guilt over neglecting my 5-year diary. You know the one… it had a faux leather cover, a lock and space to write about 3 words for each of 5 years? Yeah. I think I may have managed to put 11 entries in it before it got shoved into a box along with my Garfield pencil toppers.

Anyway. I’ll save that for analysis. Back to the point.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been slammed — in a good way — with all sorts of wonderful opportunities, deadlines, and events. Here’s a sampling:

  • Ned Andrew and I drove 2400 miles in 12 days to visit folks we love. (Posts to come: here and here.)
  • We bought and received Lizzy’s scooter, in large part because of the generosity of folks who read my July 4 blog post. (Post to come.)
  • Our son turned 13. (Post to come.)
  • We took on some fabulous, but intense freelance work. (Post likely not coming. I mean, who wants to read about word counts and deadlines? Okay, that guy. But no one else.)
  • Encouraged by that other Independence Day Weekend (can that be right?) post, Ned Andrew rekindled his love affair with his Martin (It’s okay. It’s a guitar, not an old boyfriend.) and is playing like mad. (Post to come.)
  • And — drumroll, please — we launched Ned Andrew Solomon online! It’s like my site, only slightly sexier and way more polished. Like Ned Andrew. Think of him as the New York City to my Temple, Texas. He wears all black, is busy 19 hours a day, and manages to be exactly what you need at every moment. (I’ll leave the analogy there. You can finish it in the comments.) Go look. I won’t be jealous.

So, I wasn’t really neglecting you. I was giving you a whole new way to fritter some time online. Er, I mean, be informed and entertained on a very regular basis.

You’re welcome!

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