Poetry: Warming Up

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I joined an online writing group offered by Jill Badonsky. As part of this group, she offers prompts to get us writing. I won’t share her prompts here (If you want that inspiration, you can join, too!) but in an effort to honor those sweet folks who are cheering me on as I leap into this writing thing again, I’ll share some of my responses.

Here’s my first go at it:

Haiku – 5 – 7 – 5

A new day begins
with the sweet sounds of children
smashing our dishes.

Tanka – 5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7

Another day ends
With the loud sighs of children
Force-marched to their rooms.
There is no one happier
Than a mom with kids tucked in.

Cinquain – 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 2

Are the sweetest
Blessings on this big earth.
In spite of full time duty, call me,

Yeah, I Wish…

I wish I was here to tell you that I am back to working out. Fact is that I doubt the folks at the gym would recognize me. Yeah, it has been that long. I still have a small desire to make my goal of 200 workouts this year. I haven’t looked at the math to see if it is still possible – but I do like finishing what I start.

The person who started out doing this with me is in the same boat. It looks like Renee and Allan and Trish have sort of drifted from their goals, too. Perhaps this isn’t a sign of failure, though. Perhaps it is a normal part of life. When I set my goal to work out 200 times this year, it was with the idea that it would take that to get back into my summer clothing. Well, I actually reached that goal in 75 workouts. Does that mean that I never need to work out, again? Of course not! But it does mean that my focus has shifted.

Brenna perfectly illustrates this point. Does she want to be physically strong? Absolutely. But she wants to be a mommy more right now. So, her focus has shifted. That’s not to say that a couple months after those babies (yes more than one) are born that her focus won’t readjust. But growing babies is a big job – and sort of requires that you give up the goal of fitting into anything smaller than a circus tent – at least in the short term.

So, am I struggling with finding the motivation to get to the gym? Absolutely. Am I freaked out about it? Can’t say that I am. I will say that I need to fit some fitness into my life.

My real struggle is with making room for all of the things I need to do along with the stuff I want to do. When working out was a want, I was motivated to work it into my daily routine. Now that it is a need, and not my heart’s desire I am a little (okay, a lot) less likely to squeeze it in. This portion of the challenge is to find a way to remain motivated to do things that aren’t at the very top of my to do list.

Yikes. This stuff just gets harder and harder!

New Craze Diet…

Because there aren’t already enough wacky diets to try, I am helping to spread another one. It is the LexySmash Diet. It is so simple. You catch some horrendous virus and are reduced to a ball of dehydrated mess. It is hell on your schedule, so plan the diet for a week when you can pack the kids off to a camp somewhere.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do the advanced planning for my trip through sickdom. Does anyone want to move in for a couple of days and play mommy? No? Damn.

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