Gina’s Reading: A Girl Named Zippy

A Girl Named Zippy - Haven KimmelHaven Kimmel’s A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana is such a funny, smart book! Back when we were still living 200 miles apart, Ned and I read it out loud to one another over the phone and laughed so hard we cried–and sometimes cried so hard we needed to laugh some more.

I highly recommend this deliciously honest memoir as well as Kimmel’s novel, Something Rising, Light and Swift, but can’t say the same for her second memoir, She Got Up Off The Couch: And Other Heroic Acts from Mooreland, Indiana. It may deserve another attempt when Zippy isn’t so freshly lingering in my memory. It just seemed forced in comparison to Zippy‘s easy pace and tone.

Ned has been begging me to read Kimmel’s Iodine for years because he loved it so much and — he claims — didn’t understand a word of it. He’s thinking I can translate it for him. I’m thinking I’m going to need more room on my nightstand.


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. -- Helen KellerI’ve been “online” since sometime around 1992 when a tech savvy boyfriend gave me a 386 with a modem and BBS phone number. I chatted with folks about music and movies until I discovered a group that was dedicated to discussing interventions for a variety of health concerns. Nearly 20 years later, I’ve replaced about a dozen computers — the latest of which cost less than the 4 MB memory upgrade to that 386 did two decades ago — started several websites and blogs, watched service providers come and go, connected with folks on Twitter and reconnected with others on Facebook.

I’ve also gone through my share of changes. That boyfriend went on his way as did I. I married and divorced and married again. I’ve given birth to two kids — while losing three others — and earned two bonus daughters through my second marriage. I’ve moved more times that I’d like to count and have settled in my dream home with my soul mate just south of Nashville, TN.

I’ve gained weight and lost it and gained it back — sometimes because of those pregnancies and sometimes because of less specific causes.I blogged the largest of those losses on the MegaChallenge 200 about 5 years ago.

I’ve gone back to school … three times … taken courses in everything from coaching to statistics to history to leadership to rhetoric to psychology to training to management to marketing and back again. I discovered my passion — guiding folks through transitions using person-centered conversations and graphics — in 2001 at a PATH training offered by Dave and Faye Wetherow. I added some of the stuff from The Grove and Helen Sanderson and sundry other smart-thinking folks to my tool kit. I then found Christina Merkley’s SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching process and fell in love. Several years later, she trained and certified me to walk folks through her tried and true process of creating positive change. I added other tools and ideas along the way… and then practiced and tweaked and practiced some more.

I wanted a place where I could share what I know and hope to learn with folks. The “online” complement to my really real existence. A launching spot for my other projects and connections that aren’t limited by a catchy URL. What defines my online presence? Well, hopefully it’s my offline reality.

And that brings us to now.

With the help of Robert Owen — someone who has known me even longer than I’ve been online, amazing as that may seem, and who entered my life about the time I bought my first issue of Byte magazine (so… 1982ish) — I’m finally overcoming the “it’s conceited to have a website with your name on it” Golf Whispers and launching I’m me. This site is mine. It’ll contain things that I like or feel are important or can do. Whatever that happens to include.

So, what’s next?

Hopefully more growth, additional connections, and new insights — all while standing firmly on this foundation of purpose and joy that I’ve built across the first 40 years of my life.


If you’ve known me for most of those 40 years, you know that I’m all afire about positive and possible and pointing forward. If you’re just coming into my milieu now, you’ll find I’m a warm-hearted idealist who tends to get folks moving even if they didn’t mean to.

Let’s go!

A Total Creature Of Habit…

I belong to a gym with several branches. I typically go to the one closest to my home, but it is light on the amenities. If I drive another 7 miles, I get towel service, nicer locker rooms, and a better view during my workout. With the price of gas and my inability to take an extra 15 minutes for travel each way, I typically just shower at home and skip the locker room altogether. Well, my workout (35/200) got pushed back in the day until it was too close to my class meeting to come all the way home to shower, so I headed to the plush gym.

Ya know, I had the hardest time functioning at the “other” gym. They have the same elliptical trainers, but different weight machines. So, I did my run to nowhere, but skipped the weights. I just couldn’t get my brain to do the adjustment. It took me just about forever to get showered, dressed, and out of there, too.

Oh, and since I had to go to a different gym I didn’t get an update on the guy who had the seizure. Sorry ’bout that. I keep thinking about him, though.

Soap Box of the Day: As I have mentioned, I have finally gone back to college after being away for several years. I attend a satellite campus that is about 2 hours from the main campus, so we have to do a bunch of stuff by phone (no they are not internet savvy.) Well, I am trying to find my book for the next class so I called the school bookstore to get the ISBN, and the girl who answered told me that it is their policy not to tell us that. They have switched to a new system of numbering (likely to prevent our purchasing the books elsewhere) and only those numbers can be told to students. When I asked if that policy was a written policy she offered to “let me talk to someone.”

When I got the bookstore manager on the phone, he made me wait about 10 minutes on hold (the store is the size of a one-car garage) before he gave me a number, but it doesn’t have all of the digits. Nice, huh? He left one out. I would say it was on purpose. He thought he was dealing with an amateur, because it only took me about 5 minutes online to find the book – at less than half what the school wants for it.

I am getting really fed up with this money-grabbing school I am attending. It is bad enough that they charge us more tuition than the on-campus students. But then they mark the books up above the list price and then charge us an outrageous shipping fee. And now, the only people who have the book edition info are the ones who *make money selling the books* and want to protect their interests by not giving us enough information to make a purchase unless we get it through them.


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