I love to make up words. I even made up a place to keep my made up words — The Fictionary.

It all started with a friend of mine who made up words because they sounded good. Another friend of mine didn’t know he was inventing these words and was intimidated beyond belief by this massive vocabulary. That is until I started pointing out which words were — um — non-standard English.

From there, we started keeping track of these creative new terms and decided that there was an eloquence to them… that and it was FUN to make up words. So we did.

And then it spread.

My fellow grammar guru, Christine, would get hysterical when I would share the latest entries into The Fictionary and started creating words of her own. So, it was only natural than when we started a blog together that it be titled with a term that we made up.


That blog was founded on the scientifically-supported idea that if you pay attention to what makes you happy and spend at least part of your day counting your blessings, you can actually alleviate depression, improve overall health, and could even increase longevity. Sounds good, no?

Quite frankly, the science is nice validation for what we already know–it feels good to be happy. So, in an attempt to spread the wealth, we’ started Blissification to give a little levity to the blogosphere.

Fast forward a couple of years since the flash of brilliance hit us to start that blog. We’d added a handful of collaborators and most of us went on to create other web outlets for our thoughts. As you’ve read here, I didn’t want to have to create a new blog for every shiny idea I have — so I put my whole online presence under my name. But I also didn’t want to lose the shiny ideas I’d already had… so I brought Blissification and The MegaChallenge 200 and Pointing Forward and Happy and Included with me.

So, if all you want is the good stuff — steeped in Positive Psychology and full of gratitude — Blissification is your blog.


Holding Steady…

I weigh exactly 156 lbs today. That means that I maintained my weight while out of town – no small feat.

I also managed to work in a nice walk (68/200) while I was on the road. It breaks a very long workout dry spell. I gotta get back on track in the exercise department.

I’d love to sit here and create an incredibly insightful post – but I have to catch up on my life. It kept going without me while I was away.

The Car Has Moved, Again…

Speaking of kids with autism. My son needs some normalcy to his routine. He keeps asking me about the car, and in my concern for the folks south of here, I nearly lost track of his needs. So, here ya go, sweetie!

It actually should have moved twice this week, but here is where it sits for today!

I gotta work on keeping life “normal” for him when things are so out-of-whack that I can barely function. There has to be a middle ground between the planet stopping to take notice of a disaster and maintaining our lives. Damn, there is that balance thing, again.

Warning to Lurkers…

If you are reading this and not posting comments, you are officially a lurker. You may feel safe, but you aren’t. One day you will get overcome by the urge to say something in response to one of my brilliant posts and *blam* you will be exposed! You might even say something that gets me so inspired that I mention you by name in my next post along with a kick-your-ass challenge to lose 5 pounds by Labor Day. Impossible, you say? Well, scoff not, because I speak from experience.

Deep breaths.

I can lose 5 pounds by Labor Day. And I am so excited to think that in 6 weeks I could be well on my way through the 160’s. Of course, I am not going to get there eating Happy Meals with Allan. So, I promise to redouble my fitness efforts. I got a good start on it this afternoon by completing workout 33/200 with a 60 minute run to nowhere and a trip around the upper body and ab machines. But this is a double challenge – not just workouts but weight is on the line here – so I will also begin keeping track of my – gulp – food.

I am not going to determine a calorie/fat/carb/protein limit at this point. I am simply going to keep track of what I eat/drink and own it. You may follow along if you like.

Oh, and if you are interested in joining the challenge, head over to see Renee to get signed up.

Aunt Angie's GFCF Peanut Butter Cookies

Good thing Aunt Angie taught us to bake our own GFCF Peanut Butter cookies.

Soap Box of the Day: My kids are allergic to the majority of the American diet. I’m not kidding. Between the two of them, they are unable to eat oats, barley, wheat, rye, soy, chicken, pork, seafood, dairy, and many dyes. What do they eat? Well, lots of fresh fruits and veggies. And very, very expensive replacement grains.

What do I mean by expensive? Well, a package of 10 cookies runs $4.79. These aren’t large cookies. They make Oreos look like saucers. Hot dog buns? $4.00 for 4 half-length facsimiles. It isn’t like my kids live on cookies and hot dog buns, but they are kids and they want to eat what their friends eat – or at least something that passes for similar.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that it costs more to make small batches of product on specially dedicated lines, but when I consider the fact that 80% of the ingredients in our food supply are absolutely unnecessary, I get peeved. There is no reason we should have to purchase a special brand of rice cereal – except that manufactures love to add “barley malt” or “caramel color” or dye to everything. Don’t even get me started on the phenolmethylstearate stuff.

Sigh. I guess what it really comes down to is my issues with the food battles I have had all my life. My parents were on a perpetual diet, and even though I was a skinny kid/teen I was watched like a hawk when I ate for fear I might take after them. I swore that food would be a non-issue with my kids; that I wouldn’t harp and portion and push or deny them what their bodies told them that they were hungry for. And it makes me nuts enough to have to tell my kids, “no” because of all of their dietary restrictions without the added barrier of the financial consideration.

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