Gina’s Reading: 5: Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?

5: Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?I am a chart-the-course junkie, so Dan Zadra’s book is right up my alley. 5: Where Will You Be Five Years from Today is very similar in nature to other coaching-by-book volumes (see: Martha Beck and Stephen Covey) in that it asks you to identify those things that are important to you and points you in the direction of achieving them.

The one thing going for this version of that well-known exercise is that it is presented workbook style in about 60 colorful, big-print pages. If you are not one to slog though theory and background, and just like to get to the point and get moving, this might be the format for you.

The downside of many self-coaching books is the lack of accountability to another person. No matter how gorgeous and worth-while the exercises, many people do better with someone to hold them to their promises. Zadra attempts to overcome this inertia by creating a volume that is visually pleasing as well as chock-full of encouragement in small bites.

Zadra’s graphically-exciting book may also be a useful volume for coaches and therapists to share with clients as “homework” as they go through the process of looking at Values, Mission Statement, Life Balance, Goal Setting, and Stretching.

As someone who enjoys the theory behind the go-get-em, this wouldn’t be my only goal-setting book on the shelf. But for folks who love to collect them or who would like a straight-forward workbook for inking their visions, this work is worth a look.

Yeah, That Would Be Me…

The one who manages to lose weight over the holidays and is currently weighing in at 147.5 lbs. I wish I could attribute it to methodical exercise and a stellar diet. It is more likely the fact that I have bronchitis and didn’t feel like cooking or eating all of the standard holiday fare.

I will give myself credit, though. I kept myself away from the cases of spiral hams and allowed myself one small piece of pumpkin pie – no whipped cream. The bag of M&Ms; that my wasband left at my house was more than I could manage – and I have managed to down a decent amount of it. So, it needs to go.

Outside of that, things are going along about as well as can be expected. My divorce is final (as of Dec. 21 – it gave a whole new meaning to the solstice) and I am looking to the future.

With 72 hours (or so) left in 2005, I have to admit that it has been a pretty impressive year. Yeah, I lost more than 40 pounds, a husband, and completed a year of school. But more than that, I began the journey of rediscovering myself.

2006 is the year I will either meet the MegaChallenge and complete my 200 workouts – or fall short. It is also the year when I will decide whether to tackle a master’s degree or to head off to a real job or a combination of the two. Lots of growth and changes are in store.

I don’t get into the whole New Year’s Resolutions thing – but I do use the change of the calendar to reassess. My favorite question is: If I could have/do/be anything what would it be? Then I have to ask: What is the first step toward having it? When can I get that step completed? Who will hold me accountable for accomplishing it?

My second favorite question is: What is in my life that I would rather be rid of? Then the same steps apply. It isn’t mindbogglingly difficult to ask, but it can have enormous impact on my life when I bother to actually implement the answers.

  • If I could be anything what would it be? A graphic facilitator/life coach. (See Christina’s site and you will have a pretty decent idea of my bliss.)
  • What is the first step toward being a life coach? Doing an assessment of my current abilities and the areas which need development.
  • When can I get that step completed? By New Year’s.
  • Who will hold me accountable? My blog readers.

And on the other side:

  • If I could get rid of anything what would it be? The clutter in my house.
  • What is the first step toward decluttering? Taking down the holiday decorations.
  • When can I get that step completed? By New Year’s.
  • Who will hold me accountable? My blog readers.

Okay – so before the ball drops in Time’s Square I will have a list of my current talents and training needs as well as all of my decorations put away.

What are you going to do to get 2006 rolling in the right direction?

Holding Steady…

I weigh exactly 156 lbs today. That means that I maintained my weight while out of town – no small feat.

I also managed to work in a nice walk (68/200) while I was on the road. It breaks a very long workout dry spell. I gotta get back on track in the exercise department.

I’d love to sit here and create an incredibly insightful post – but I have to catch up on my life. It kept going without me while I was away.

Hooray!! She did it…

I actually made it to the gym to complete workout 41/200. I was seriously getting wigged out from lack of exercise opportunities. I never thought I would say that. But it is addicting. The run to nowhere was actually pleasant.

The eating is going okay. I probably need to eat – gasp – more food. I just have no appetite right now – and this is salt and chocolate week. What’s up with that?? I’m not complaining, mind you. Just noting how weird my world has gotten.

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