And Just Like That an Entire Year Passes…

Breaking Ground Arts Issue -- Cover by Gina LynetteNo, I didn’t fall completely off of the planet.

I took a job that involved working for an organization that required that I curtail a significant portion of my advocacy/openness/personality. I learned a whole boatload of new skills, made a couple of terrific friends, and discovered that I am much happier when I can openly share what I think and who I am.

So, to catch you up on a whole year’s worth of events, we’ll do the bullet list trick.

  • I nearly died on August 6, 2007. Yep, on B’s 9th birthday. Bad timing. Emergency surgery on August 7, 2007 saved me. My best friend nursed me back to health for weeks. I’m all better now.
  • I discovered a job opening, interviewed, and was hired between August 16 and September 17, 2007. It was exactly what I hoped for and not what I expected at all. Funny that.
  • I moved everything we own a couple of hundred miles over the course of September and October 2007. (See job.) We now live on 6+ acres in a gorgeous part of the world.
  • My photo was chosen for the cover of the Breaking Ground Arts issue in September 2007.
  • My kids went back to public school in October 2007. (See job. See move.) I relearned all I wanted to forget about Special Education–but discovered that some districts actually want to make it work for everyone.
  • I gained a “significant other” in March–or so. He was significant before. Now he lives here. I suppose that makes him super-significant, right?
  • Our–his and my together–co-created artwork was exhibited for 2 months in a “solo” (except that we are 2 people) show at our city hall from April – June 2008. It was a surreal experience walking in and seeing 25 pieces of our soul lining the walls of a public building.
  • I attended my 6th MegaConference in June 2008.
  • My son turned 10 on August 6, 2008. Yes! A decade!
  • I gained about 10ish pounds over the course of the year. Stress eating (See job. See move. See kids in school. See incredible cook aka significant other moving in.) does that to me. It’s time to get that gone.

So, sports fans, it is time to get back on the MegaChallenge Bandwagon. I still like the 200 workouts in a year deal. I still like basing it on the MegaConference schedule. That means I would have to kick some major pre-contemplation into gear and get a move on.

We installed a workout room in our basement–so I literally have no excuses for not working out. Well, not any that hold water.

I am also thinking that keeping track of the stuff I eat via fitday would be a good idea.

I am doing a whole lot of thinking.

Time for some doing!

The MegaChallenge 210

Workout GearWe just wrapped up another MegaConference–and it was fantastic! About 1000 people were there (this number–uncharacteristically for me–is accurate) learning, networking, and eating gobs of buffet-style food.

As I reconnected with the folks who inspired me to undertake the MegaChallenge a couple of years ago, it occurred to me just how far down my priority list physical fitness has fallen. Yeah, I am still below goal weight. And I even manage to take long walks and work out a couple of times a month.

But it ain’t enough.

So, we have officially re-issued the MegaChallenge. Only this time the stakes are higher as is the goal. Last time we did it for the glory–and there was some of that–but we didn’t actually complete the workouts. We haven’t decided what carrot we are chasing, yet. That’s still up for discussion. We have determined the benchmark. You ready? We will complete 210 workouts before the next MegaConference. (Of course, if you read the title, you already knew that.)

So, for all y’all who want to jump on board, here’s your chance! What do you need to do? I dunno–maybe sign up in the comments? If we get significant interest (as defined by me–it is my blog, right??) I may even approach Renee over at Fatfighters about posting our progress there or some such.

Who knows? The MegaChallenge 210 may become the tipping point that turns the trend to obesity on it’s cream-filled head.

A girl can dream.

And Away She Goes…

After reading about a billion blogs (count may be a bit off) and thinking over and over, “I gotta do this”, I managed to overcome my typical procrastination long enough to create one. Well, I overcame it a couple of times, but couldn’t seem to get past the Blogger sign-in sheet.

So, what’s my blog about? Whatever pops into my head. Literally. The impetus came from a challenge issued between friends to workout 200 times before the next MegaConference. See, I have been creeping up and down the size chart for the past 10 years, and have had about enough of the whole keeping-clothes-in-every-possible-size-just-in-case-I-gain-or-lose-weight scenario. My closet is stuffed with clothes – but I can only wear about 10% of it at any one time. The size 10s hang there mocking me with their promise of stylish sveltness – while the 20s hang there daring me to eat that carton of Moose tracks.

Enough, already!

Way back in 1999 and 2000 I managed to lose 75 pounds (a chunk of it pregnancy weight, another chunk of it oreos-by-the-sleeve weight) and kept it off for about 6 minutes before I got preggers, again. So, I know I can do it. What it required the last time – and I am using all my powers of magic thinking to think it just might work this time, too – was total dedication to the elliptical trainer. Walking 4 miles a day doesn’t budge my molasses metabolism. Nope. This body requires full-on boredom to kick into gear before my mother’s “You aren’t working hard enough” mantra will be replaced by “Hey! This is work! I have earned an increase in metabolism.”

So, I am reaquainting myself with said elliptical trainer. And, as the MegaChallenge 200 would indicate, I will have 200 meetings with my new best friend this year. Well, it may vary a bit. The official rules are: 200 workouts in whatever form you consider meaningful to you. If walking from the back of the parking lot is a lot of exercise from your vantage point, count it! If you regularly run marathons, well then you may have to do a wee bit more before you chart it.

Oh yeah! There is a chart!! No, nothing like those keep track of every calorie, stride, and ounce charts. Each time you move, in a way that is meaningful to you, you jot the date onto the chart. Do it 200 times in a year and you meet the challenge. I will try to get proficient enough at blogging to post the chart. In the meantime, all you need is something with 200 spaces to jot down the dates. Or, if you prefer, 200 objects and two containers. Every time you move, you get to move an object from the “to do” jar to the “done” jar.

Oh – and because I can’t have the whole blog be about memememememe (I’m waaaay too neurotic to ignore everyone else for an entire entry!!) here is a link to the soapbox of the day. This is the MCIL (Memphis Center for independent Living) Journal. As of right now, these folks have been sitting in the Tennessee Governor’s office for 11 days in protest of the massive TennCare cuts (323,000 people will be cut completely from their coverage, and another 300,000 are facing reduced benefits). I am amazed at the lack of coverage that this effort has received, because these folks are speaking up for everyone who uses any form of insurance to assist with medical expenses.

Long vent short: if Tennessee succeeds in setting precedent with their new limits and formularies, do you really think it is a very long jump before the HMOs jump on the bandwagon?? I don’t know about you, but I have had months where I needed more than 4 prescriptions. And I would prefer my doctor have access to the whole range of medical options when s/he is determining my care needs. What if I have a bad reaction to the version of the medication that is in the formulary? I shouldn’t have to go through an appeal with a bunch of business majors to get the meds I need.

So, welcome to my blog (even if it is only me reading it!)


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